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VIP Dongle has been working with Reverse Engineering operations since 1990. We have secured forward locks by backing up the hardware locks of thousands of customers.
We decided to start dongleemulator.com site in June 2020.

About Our team vip dongle is developing not only with dongle backup but also with small software according to your needs.

Some of the software languages we have experience are:

Pascal, Basic, C, C #, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Cobol, Perl, PHP, Python, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi and Swift. We do not accept Large projects only due to time constraints.


About Software Reverse Engineering :

About Reverse engineering of package will be accomplished by varied ways. The 3 main teams of package reverse engineering are

Analysis through observation of knowledge exchange, most current in protocol reverse engineering, that involves victimisation bus analyzers and packet sniffers, for instance, for accessing a laptop bus or electronic network association and revealing the traffic knowledge on that.

Bus or network behavior will then be analyzed to provide a complete implementation that mimics that behavior. This is often particularly helpful for reverse engineering device drivers. Sometimes, reverse engineering on embedded systems is greatly aided by tools deliberately introduced by the manufacturer, reminiscent of JTAG ports or alternative debugging means that.

In Microsoft Windows, low-level debuggers reminiscent of SoftICE are fashionable. Dismantling employing a disassembler, which means the raw machine language of the program is scan and understood in its own terms, solely with the help of machine-language method. This works on any worm however will take quite your time, particularly for somebody not wont to machine language.

About The Interactive Disassembler may be a significantly fashionable tool. Decompilation employing a decompiler, a method that tries, with varied results, to recreate the ASCII text file in some application-oriented language for a program solely out there in machine language or bytecode.

This process is sometimes called Reverse Code Engineering (RCE). As an example, the conversion of binary codes to the source code for the java platform can be done using Jad (Joint Application Development). A famous example of reverse engineering is the first non-IBM application of PC BIOS in the historical IBM PC compatible industry that has dominated the computer hardware platform for years.

The copyright law, Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the United States, prohibits some reverse engineering practices aimed at interoperability of file formats, exempt from the prohibition of prevention, but judges ignore this law in key cases because they can prevent usage restrictions but not prevent entry restrictions. In addition to restrictions on prevention, reverse engineering of software is protected in America with a fair use exception in copyright law.

About Samba software is a classic example of reverse engineering software that allows file sharing to systems running Microsoft Windows systems with systems that do not run it [source must be specified] because the Samba project had to reverse-run the unpublished information about Windows file sharing, so computers that didn’t use Windows could emulate it. software project does the same for the Windows API, and OpenOffice.org does this for Microsoft Office file formats. The Reactos project is a clean room reverse engineering of the NT branch of binary (ABI and API) compatibility to today’s Windows operating system, software, and drivers written for Windows. it is more ambitious to provide it by allowing it to be operated in exchange for open source

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