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What is it KEYGEN ?

A key generator (keygen) may be a cryptanalytic tool wont to generate product keys, that are distinctive alpha-numeric sequences that tell associate installer program that the user that initiated the install owns a license of the software package.

A key generator tries to get an accurate product key that enables the installation of the software package to end. thanks to this, the keygen is usually related to software package piracy, cracking and hacking, that is usually true.

However, there are keygens not employed in piracy; software package distributors themselves have Keygen that generate giant numbers of distinctive keys that are then related to every copy of the software they’re commerce.

License Key Generator Models

FlexLM / FlexNet / FlexID License Generator

FlexNet Publisher ( FlexNet FlexLM ) could be a software system license manager from Flexera software system that implements license management and is meant to be employed in company environments to supply floating licenses to multiple finish users of pc software.

Computer software system may be accredited in a very style of ways that. A license to use a bit of software system is also related to a selected machine.

Allowing it to solely run on it machine. instead, an organization might get a pool of floating licenses and these licenses is also allotted dynamically to machines, a license being checked-out once a user begins exploitation the software system on any given machine and checked-in when the user finishes using the software.

flexnet - KeyGen License Key Generator


The look out RMS License Manager enforces and manages licensing in multi-user setting. It keeps track of all the licenses and handles requests from network users who need to run your application.

Ggranting authorization to the requesters to permit them to run the appliance, and denying requests once all licenses are in use.

It’s an integral element of the network licensing schemes that may be enforced with lookout RMS, specifically server-locked licenses, web site licenses and commuter licenses.

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CrypKey KeyGEN

Once protected, you’ll select one among CrypKey’s secure and versatile software package licensing and duplicate protection solutions for complete or enterprise network environments.

CrypKey’s licensing models include: demo, node-locked, time-limited (rental), use-based, floating network; and serialized hardware-key.

Multiple license activation choices are out there to suit any budget including: manual (email/phone), distributor, web-site primarily based, and absolutely web automatic with client registration information.

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Sentinel SL LDK Generator

Sentinel LDK options distinctive Cross-Locking technology and is that the solely software system licensing answer on the market to supply hardware  (USB dongles).

And software-based protection and secure software licensing in an exceedingly single solution with one set of tools.

Lookout man LDK options a spread of hardware- and software-based protection keys that alter vendors to decide on the suitable social control level supported business wants.

safenet - KeyGen License Key Generator

Other and Custom License Generators

  • SoftwarePotential
  • StopCopy,
  • TrueLicense
  • WinLicense/Themida
  • SoftwareProtection Plus
  • Mirage Licene Protector
  • VmProtect
  • Desaware
  • Custom : if you have unknow a license system contact with me.
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What I need for Keygen ?

  • In order to solve the algorithm, we need the software based on the license file or the license code. Upload and send us. the link to us by e-mail.
  • If you have a Sample License file or License code, this is required.

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