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Dinkey Pro/FDDongle-based code Copy Protection and Licensing

Dinkey Pro/FD may be a refined system designed to shield your code from outlaw repeating and enforce the terms of your software’s licence.

Use locomotive engine Pro/FD to lock your code to a electronic device in order that on every occasion you run your protected program, it’ll check for the presence of the electronic device. If the proper electronic device is found, the program are going to be dead, otherwise it’ll not run.

We believe locomotive engine professional and FD dongles are the most effective within the business and here is why:

Our dongles use drivers intrinsic to the package therefore there’s no have to be compelled to install drivers.
Multi Platform

Supported on Windows, macOS and UNIX system system} operating systems on x86 and x64 platforms. we have a tendency to additionally support Linux on Associate in Nursing ARM platform.
Extremely Secure

Dongle hardware is predicated on positive identification technology that’s proved to be terribly secure and is wide employed in the safety business. The positive identification chips have EAL4+ certification.

Strong secret writing

We offer several techniques to boost the safety between your code and our libraries. this is often lacking in several electronic device systems however it’s often the weakest half that hackers exploit. for instance, you’ll be able to code all the parameters you pass to our API. this is often inconceivable with the other electronic device protection system. we’ve got robust anti-debug code, a trademark of all our code protection systems.

Automatic Protection

Our Shell wrapper protects and encrypts 32-bit and 64-bit Windows executables and DLLs (including .NET assemblies) mechanically, while not having to switch any ASCII text file. It may shield PDF documents to be used on Windows.
Protect knowledge Files

If you utilize our Shell wrapper to shield your application then you’ll be able to additionally code knowledge files that are accessed by this application.
On-dongle secret writing

The and and internet model dongles will be accustomed code or decipher knowledge you pass to them. All secret writing is dead within the electronic device itself.
Distribute Secure Demos

Produce secure totally purposeful time-limited demos of your code employing a Demo code Key. The client will still run your code by getting a electronic device from you.

Dinkey Emulator Products

dinkey Pro Lite - Dinkey Emulator

Dinkey Pro

Dinkey Pro Mini - Dinkey Emulator

Dinkey Mini Pro

Dinkey Pro Net - Dinkey Emulator

Dinkey Pro Net

Dinkey Pro Plus - Dinkey Emulator

Dinkey Pro Plus

Dinkey FD LITE - Dinkey Emulator

Dinkey FD Lite

Dinkey FD Plus - Dinkey Emulator

Dinkey FD Plus

Dinkey Emulator Details

Compatible Dinkey Emulator :

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 x86 x64 bit
  • Windows Vista x86 x64 bit
  • Windows 8 x86 x64 bit
  • Windows Vista  x86 – x64 Bit
  • Windows 10 x86 – x64 Bit
  • Windows Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019


Lite dongles permit you to shield your software package merely and quickly while not the requirement to program dongles.

Plus dongles not solely permit you to shield your software package, however conjointly to enforce licence terms and store your own secure knowledge.

You’ll set an ending date, use AN execution counter or management the utilization of assorted options in your software package. you furthermore mght have the power to change these protection parameters remotely simply by supplying a secure update code by e-mail or phone.

Let’s say, you’ll extend an ending date, alter or disable completely different options or convert trials to full licences.

Net dongles have all the options of the and, and additionally permit you to use one electronic device per network rather than one dongle per machine. additionally, you’ll management the amount of cooccurring network users of your protected software package.


  • Vendor: 0x96E Product: 0x7 Device: 0x101

The Dongles Vendors:

  • Microcosm LTD.

Dinkey Emulator Functions:

  • Hardware Clone / Duplicate is Possible.
  • It is compatible with the latest version drivers.
  • If your Dongle has Time Restriction, we can remove it.
  • We can add features that are not defined in your Dongle.
  • Our emulators work on virtual pc. In this way, you can install it on your remote server

Models :

Pro Lite, Pro Plus, Pro Net, FD Lite FD Plus, FD Net,

What I Need for Dinkey Emulator ?

  • for Dinkey Emulator we need your Program Install Package and Dump File. ( you can upload or )
  • Send the link to

How Can I Create Dinkey Dump File?

  • Unpack file after the unpack please start start_dump.bat 
  • Must Create Dump.txt file . send me this file with via mail.
  • If not create don’t worry, we must a special dumper.

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