Other Dongles


Currently there are 100 Dongle (usb license keys) used in the world. Those mentioned on this site are the dongles that we made before.

Some software developers prefer to use the dongs produced in their country. If you have a dongle you do not know the brand, you can contact us. Other dongle brands are listed below.

Other Dongles

  • DLP-D Security Dongle,
  • MegaLock Korea,
  • McAMOS SmartLock (SmartLock USB)
  • Enky LC Dongle
  • Actikey ITHEA
  • Tiny Dongle / Tiny+ Dongle / Tiny HID Dongle
  • SG-Lock Dongle
  • ElecKey Dongles
  • Maxim / Dallas iButton Microphar
  • SparKey (Beijing Spark Technologies)

What is it Software Protection Dongle? and Why I need Backup

Dongle, or Security Lock, entered our lives in the 1980s. There are various hardware locks installed on PCI, USB, LPT (Parallel Port) and Com Port, but with the development of technology today, only USB dowels are used.

These software locks are used by injecting the shell method and source code. Some Companies can use the license file externally with this software lock.

These dongles have many features in themselves. For example, there are different features such as network operation, time limit, and module definition. Dongles are advantageous because you can use your software anytime, anywhere.

Due to the fact that it is an electronic device, sometimes it can break down as a result of a short circuit and some companies do not own this deterioration and request the amount purchased at the beginning. In this case, we enter the circuit, you can back up your dongles with us. Rest easy in case of theft or deterioration.

There are dozens of known dongle brands, but some are only producing in their own country. We call these dongles “Other dongles”.

Because they are not very known, it takes time to decode algorithms, which increases costs.

Other dongles are generally HID devices, that is, devices that do not require a Driver. They do not use EPROOM. They use the Chip system which we call MCU.

Other Dongle Products

dpldongle - Other Dongles

DLP-D Security Dongle

kore - Other Dongles

MegaLock Korea Dongle

securedongle - Other Dongles


McAMOS SmartLock - Other Dongles

McAMOS SmartLock (SmartLock USB)

enky - Other Dongles

Enky LC Dongle

Actikey ITHEA - Other Dongles

Actikey ITHEA Dongle

tiny - Other Dongles

Tiny Dongle

elekkey 1 - Other Dongles

ElecKey Dongles

dallas - Other Dongles

Maxim / Dallas iButton Microphar

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